December 22, 2021

These are better than make-up eraser towels

We know that our daily habits affect the environment. I’m being more environmentally conscious by reducing plastic use, removing toxic and harmful chemical-based products, and replacing products I use daily with non-synthetic and biodegradable alternatives.

Clean Skin Club Towels XL

How these are beneficial for your skin

Have you ever washed your face and used the hand towel hanging up within arm’s length to pat your face dry? That moment, when you have soapy burning eyes and you just grab any towel to clean your face? Has it ever dawned on you that it’s been used multiple times just collecting bacteria from each time you clean your face? Or, all the other bacteria particles floating around in your bathroom that are collecting on that towel? How often do you even wash that towel? For me, I probably washed that towel once a week. I did this for years until one day I spoke to a colleague about how gorgeous her skin was. She mentioned the most important product that made the biggest difference in her skincare routine were these single-use towels from Clean Skin Club that made the world of difference. I mean… how obvious — Duh! How had this never occurred to me before? Now to be fair, I’ve never had major skin issues, but I would get the occasional breakout here and there – it would leave a scar that I would have to treat over time, cue the heavier makeup. So, I was genuinely curious about how to just have beautiful skin that doesn’t require a lot of makeup to enhance my features. Within the first week, I had already seen a big difference.

Clean Skin Club Towels


Clean Skin Club’s XL towels are dry. They are not face wipes with products built into them. These will simply replace your towel. The best thing about these towels is that they are extremely absorbent, they don’t smell, and they are very soft. However, one side of the towel does have a little more texture which is not meant for scrubbing but it’s nice if you like that feeling when you wipe your face — sort of the way using a little cotton round feels when you apply toner to your face. I’ve used these towels to remove my makeup with micellar water and makeup remover, then I can rinse it clean to pat my face dry after cleansing, and then I use it to clean up the makeup droplets that get on the countertop and in the bin it goes. It does not disintegrate and stays absorbent the entire use.

If you are like me and feel that it’s important to invest in your skin, then these towels are worth the cost. Each box comes with 50 single-use towels at $15. I wash my face morning and night, so I pretty much use two towels a day. Anytime I buy these, I buy them in bulk. Usually, six at a time, as Clean Skin Club always offers bulk discounts, so it’s a no brainer. Also, while I know that some of us can be limited on counter and/or cabinet space in the bathroom; should you decide to, each box of towels comes with dual side foam stickers to put on the wall that you can mount the box to — as the boxes are made to be turned into a dispenser. However, for me, I have a clear drawer set that I purchased from Bed, Bath, and Beyond that sits’ on the counter along with my cotton swabs and cotton rounds.

They're Great for the Environment

I promise these will change your skincare routine for the better. You will never be able to use a reusable towel again. Single-use and bacteria-free is the way to go when it comes to your face. We know it can be harmful to the environment to dispose of materials like paper and cotton on a daily basis. Which makes these towels even more desirable because they are 100% biodegradable and as often as you will use and dispose of them they will never destroy the environment. Do yourself a favor and give your skin and the environment what it deserves.

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